Vest Reimbursement Program

The State of Minnesota Department of Public Safety Vest Reimbursement Program
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If your agency is not in the Agency Location list or any of the information is incorrect, please contact the DPS Commissioner's Office.

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Terms and Conditions

The Department of Public Safety is asking that you provide data which may include private information, pursuant to Minnesota Statute 13.04. This information will be used to validate and process your claim for Vest Reimbursement. While you are not legally required to provide any of the requested data, failure to provide information may result in the delay or denial of the claim. Unless you consent to further releases of private information, access will be limited only to those individuals whose jobs reasonably require access to this data. In addition, you attest that:

  • The invoice dates for the soft-body armor vest purchases above are at least 5 years as required by the statute;

  • The enclosed invoice clearly displays the individual cost of all items;

  • You understand that the State will reimburse up to one-half the purchase price found in the State of Minnesota body armor contract, accessible through the Cooperative Purchasing Opportunities website, and only for those items listed above, as articulated by Minnesota Statute 299A.38. Additional charges such as tactical vests, alterations, freight charges, etc., will not be reimbursed;

  • You have not accepted any gratuitous products with the purchase of this concealable soft-body armor;

  • You understand that if you fail to comply with the above, this reimbursement request may be delayed or denied.
Date: 10/26/2021