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Welcome to the Media Information Release System.

This system has been created in order to keep the media and the public more up to date in case of serious and fatal accidents that happen within the state of Minnesota. This system contains only those accidents in which the Minnesota State Patrol is the primary reporting law enforcement agency. Records displayed here are as current as the last time State Patrol Personnel edited data. However due to extenuating circumstances such as heavy-accident periods like ice and snow storms, data entry may get back-logged and may not be up to the minute.

Records in the pre-formatted individual and incident reports are displayed in this system for a period of fourteen days from the time of incident. But if searching for a specific incident or person, all historical data is accessible.

Information on crashes after 09:00 am on Jan. 4, 2017, will now be found on the new media website.

Between 1/4/2017 and 1/11/2017, information on incidents that occurred from 12/28/2016 till 09:00 am on 1/4/2017 may be found at current information. To search for older records that are not displayed by default, click here.



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