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incident number 15900468.

Incident Number: 15900468 Incident Date/Time: 3/31/2015 11:50:00 AM
MSP District: 2900 Incident Contact: MN State Patrol District 2900 - (218) 846-8260
Number of Individuals: 3
Number of Vehicles: 2
Location: EB Highway 10 west of Hawley Road Type: Black Top
Milepost: 19 Road Condition: Dry
County: Clay Number of Lanes: 4
Crash Type: Other Divided/Undivided: DIVIDED ROADWAY
Incident Classification: OTHER Hazardous Material: NOT PRESENT
Assisting Agencies:
 Person 1: Gowan, David C , 57 , OF Minot ND , DRIVER OF VEH 1 , Phys. Cond. : No Apparent Injury
 Person 2: Ernst, Corey , 39 , OF Fargo ND , DRIVER OF VEH 2 , Phys. Cond. : No Apparent Injury
 Person 3: Roise, Jon D , 33 , OF Minot ND , PASSENGER OF VEH 1 , Phys. Cond. : No Apparent Injury

Vehicle 1:

1979   Mooney Aircraft CorpM20K  

Vehicle 2:

2014   Ford Fusion  
IncidentDescription: A single engine private plane took off from the Hawley airport heading west with Minot, ND being a destination. At about 1000 feet, the engine quit and the pilot had to turn and find an emergency landing spot. Passenger in the plane along with the pilot located a clear spot on Highway 10 eastbound at MP 19. The plane made a successful emergency landing on Highway 10 eastbound. The Ford Fusion was eastbound on Highway 10 in front of the plane. After the plane landed, it caught up to the Fusion. The driver noticed a plane behind her in her mirror as it was catching up to the car. The plane prop struck the rear of the driverís side before she could drive into the ditch. No injuries were reported, and the plane was pushed off the roadway into a residential driveway. The NTSB and FAA are investigating. The FAA inspector from Fargo is already on-scene. The State Patrol was assisted by Clay County Sheriff's Department, Hawley Police Department, and the FAA.
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