Minnesota Division of
Homeland Security
and Emergency Management

Welcome! Here you will find training and educational opportunities for Homeland Security and Emergency Management professionals, their staffs, allied organizations and individuals working together in emergencies and disasters to save lives and protect the property of the citizens of Minnesota.

To add Independent Study Courses to your Training Record: You must first register in the HSEM Training and Registration Tracking (TRT) system. Then simply email a copy of your completion certificate(s) to HSEM.Training@state.mn.us. HSEM Training will update your completions to your record typically within 1-5 business days.

If you have never registered in the HSEM Training and Registration Tracking (TRT) system, please read the steps 1-6 below and then complete the steps.

  1. On the tabs across the top of this webpage, click on the far right tab titled: 
  2. Choose the  New Participant box to get to the “Sign-up for Log-on ID and Password” page.
  3. Submit your first/last name and email address and hit .
  4. You have now completed the initial steps to gain access to the HSEM TRT and will receive an email with a username and password log on. After you log on, you will be asked to complete further information, including your Position/Title, Phone, Fax and, most importantly, your role.
  5. You will then be asked to identify your agency/organization affiliation.
    • We recommend you click on the  button.
    • If you find your agency/organization, simply click the  button.
    • If you do not find your agency, but are sure that others from your agency/organization have submitted this type of information, simply type in just your zip code and hit search. You should then be able to locate your organization.
    • If you still do not see your agency/organization, click  and you will be directed back to agency/organization affiliation page.
    • You may then select the  button and provide your agency’s/organization’s name, address, city, zip, state, and county.
    • Then click the  button to have your agency considered for acceptance into the system.
  6. When you have completed these steps, you can anticipated acceptance into the HSEM TRT within 2-5 business days.

PLEASE NOTE:  Registrations submitted without an Agency or Role listed and/or an email address that is from gmail, yahoo, hotmail, comcast, etc. may not be approved in the 1-5 timeframe if at all. As time permits, you will be contacted regarding for what purpose you are requesting registration in our HSEM TRT system.

Once you have received access to the HSEM TRT, you will be able to: Register for courses, cancel registrations, view your registration status and course history, manage your personal profile, change your password and retrieve your log-on ID and password if you have forgotten them. In addition, the HSEM TRT will confirm your registration(s), remind you in advance of course start dates, ask you to evaluate courses attended, provide a link for you to print out your course completion certificates.

To view the current Courses/Conferences/Workshops/Meetings offered, select the  tab.

To access the TRT, select the  tab.

For assistance, please email HSEM.Training@state.mn.us